Lutron HomeWorks QS

Lutron HomeWorks QS

What is Lutron HomeWorks QS, and how can it make you love living in your home even more? Let’s start with just a few questions about your day, and how you live your life at home.

Do you have an evening routine of walking around the house, turning on lights and closing blinds? Do you then go around in the morning switching off the same lights and opening the blinds? Do you have a lamp in your house that’s always on because you always forget to turn it off? Would you like all that taken care of for you without your having to think about it?

Lutron HomeWorks QS is a home automation system designed with lighting and your comfort in mind. HomeWorks QS can be programmed to control your lights and blinds so you don’t have to walk around the house twice a day doing it yourself. Your qualified Lutron programmer can design different lighting schemes, or “scenes,” to indicate how you would like the lighting and motorized blinds (such as the Sivoia QS motorized shades and blinds) set. Then you can schedule the scenes for various times of day…or year.

Instead of just “on at night, off in the morning,” now you have the flexibility to control your lights and blinds throughout the day. Consider a schedule like this:

5:30am – Before the family wakes up, HomeWorks QS can turn on the home lights and open the blinds (except for the ones facing east, so we’re not blinded by the rising sun!)

9:00am – Everyone has left for the day, HomeWorks QS can close the blinds and turn off lights to save energy.

3:00pm – Kids coming home soon, so HomeWorks QS an open some blinds for the rooms they use (family room, their bedrooms.)

6:00pm – HomeWorks brings the house lights up as the sun gets close to setting.

8:00pm – HomeWorks QS closes the Sivoia QS blinds for security.

11:00pm – Lights out, except for a few key security lamps, all handled by HomeWorks QS.

HomeWorks QS is also programmed to track dawn and dusk throughout the year, based on your home’s location. So you can adjust your lighting scenes to turn off an hour after the sun comes up, and on an hour before dusk. And since you have individual control over every light and motorized blind, you may choose to have certain blinds closed to block out sun in your eyes or glare on the TV.

In addition to lights & shades, HomeWorks QS can control your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, existing lamps, and in fact anything that you can control by turning the power on or off.

Lutron has a number of lighting and shading solutions. To find out more about customizing the HomeWorks QS system for your specific lifestyle, come talk to us here at Citrom Electric. We have been making homeowners happier with their homes through lighting and home automation for over 30 years.