Lutron Lighting System Designer

Lutron Lighting System Designer

You’ve spent hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of dollars on your luxury home here in the Los Angeles area. Do you live in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood or Bel Air? Wherever you live, doesn’t your home deserve the very best? Then what you need is an expert Lutron Home Lighting Designer.

The Lutron home automation, lighting, and motorized shades and blinds technology that you are about to install in your home can make your home beautiful. But much like a camera does not take beautiful photographs on its own without an expert photographer and expert lighting, a Lutron Home Automation System will not by itself create the ambience, the mood, the fun, and the romance for your home that a properly designed lighting system can produce.

Programming the Lutron HomeWorks QS can be complicated. In a typical luxury home, there can be hundreds of individual light fixtures, and there can be hundreds of individual electronic dimmers that control them. And controlling the dimmers are a collection of central processing units, master control panels, iPads and even iPods.

And all of it has to work together perfectly.

Also, the wiring has to be run properly and neatly. The lights need to be chosen based on what happens in each room, and what the lights needs to illuminate. Then the fixtures need to be installed, positioned, and directed properly. The dimmers need to be coordinated with the fixtures, the control panels need to be installed in locations that make sense for entry and exit, and the brain needs to be installed in a place that makes it work best, without having to run too many extra wires.

Making these systems all work together doesn’t just require technical know-how, it also requires an artistic eye.

But making these systems all work together is more than just a technical task. It’s also an artistic task.

And this “art” requires the thinking that only a Home Lighting Designer knows how to do. It’s more than just turning lights off and on, and dimming them here and there. It’s really all about you and your lifestyle. How do you use each room? When do you use each room? What are your early morning habits? Who uses your home during the daytime and how? What time do you return home from work? How do you want to be welcomed when you arrive home? How often do you entertain? When you entertain, which areas of your home and property do you use? Where do you want to direct your guests? What do you want them to see when they arrive? What do you want them to feel when they arrive? What kinds of compliments do you want to get from your guests when it is finally time for them to leave?

In the end, a home lighting designer cares primarily about YOU and your lifestyle. So when you meet with your home lighting designer, don’t be surprised if you get asked several questions that no mere electrician has ever asked you before, or ever would ask you.

What you want, frankly, is a lifestyle artist who uses light and comfort as a tool to paint for you an experience of your home that so far has only existed in your dreams. Your home deserves the very best. You deserve the very best. Citrom Home Automation will create the perfect home lighting design for you.