Lutron Programmer

Lutron Programmer Eli Citrom

Your Lutron home automation, lighting, shades and blinds rely on solid Lutron Programming. Eli Citrom is the Lutron Programmer other contractors call when something goes wrong.

Looking for a Lutron Platinum Dealer and an expert Lutron Programmer and Contractor? Eli Citrom, owner of Citrom Home Automation, has been lighting homes and working with General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, A/V Contractors and home-owners since 1982. Whether you are in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, San Fernando Valley or any of the surrounding areas (as far South as Torrance and Manhattan Beach and as far North as Santa Barbara), Citrom Home Automation can solve your Lutron Programming problems.

Citrom Home Automation is a Lutron Home Automation Expert who can help design an entire home automation system. Whether you are looking for a Homeworks QS Expert or Radio Ra2 Expert, or a Lutron Lighting System Designer.

Eli has always had a strong ability to understand lighting and automation details such as panel locations, lighting installation & wiring details, LED dimming, how one requirement influences another, and how Lutron integrates with third party systems.

Citrom is the company that other Lutron Programmers call when they can’t solve a Lutron Lighting, Shade or Automation problem. That’s because Citrom is who Lutron itself refers its toughest clients and problems to.

Why does Citrom avoid getting into these same problems? It starts even before the system is built. Eli, a Lutron Programmer who personally designs every Lutron Home Automation system his company installs, pays detailed attention to the requirements, design and wiring of every project.

When all of that is done properly, the programming becomes more simple and reliable.


If you need an expert Lutron Programmer, Contact Citrom Home Automation today to find out how Citrom can help you create a beautiful lighting, shade and automation experience for your home or your clients’ homes.