Lutron RadioRA 2

Lutron RadioRA 2

Home automation always sounds like a lot of computer stuff. Let’s not talk about home automation – let’s talk about your house and how much you enjoy it. And let’s especially think about all those lights and blinds you have to deal with every morning, every evening, and throughout the day and night. You’ve got a nice house, but it’s the lighting that makes it feel like a home.

Let Lutron RadioRA 2 take care of your home’s lighting by controlling motorized shades and blinds and lighting.

The Lutron RadioRA 2 system is the technology built into every Lutron HomeWorks QS home automation system. With RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS, you can control just about anything in your home. Using Sivoia QS blinds, which you can choose from a wide selection in the home shade gallery, the RadioRA 2 system will adjust the blinds to provide the best lighting for the rooms you want. Not just at sunrise and sunset (automatic year round), but all day long.

For example, if you find the sun glares off a TV or glass front for two hours in the afternoon in April, the system can be set to close the right blinds for those two hours.

Everything can be set to follow a timed schedule, or be set based on sunrise or sunset, all year long. You may want your home lit up in the evening, so you can set a schedule to adjust blinds and indoor and outdoor lighting as the sun sets. Then when the family goes to bed, with the touch of a button your house is “lights out.”

Save Energy with RadioRA 2

In addition to reducing the heat from the afternoon sun by closing blinds where necessary, you may also want sensors which can control lighting and switch off the lights in a room that’s empty. Part of the Lutron HomeWorks system, RadioRA 2 connects to your air conditioning system and security system for total control of your home from one control panel. It can also control any Lutron shades and blinds (both wired and wireless) to create the best lighting and temperature throughout your home.

RadioRA 2 Give You Full Control

Control your home with a central panel, various styles of remote control, or even from your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone with an app. You can have preset lighting and blind settings for security purposes, convenience, energy savings, or entertaining. By setting a single switch for “dinner” mode, you can lower lights and blinds, and perhaps switch on an entertainment center and other mood lighting to provide the best experience for your visitors. Or maybe you want a “Movie” button that will close the blinds, dim main lighting, turn on accent lights, and even activate your video system.

Home Automation Style

Many systems offer you two colors: white or white. With the Lutron HomeWorks system, the remote control as well as the wall plates are available in several colors, gloss or satin finish. In addition, the keypads can be custom engraved to suit your installation, giving it a truly professional appearance.

Choose Lutron RadioRA 2

There are many different technologies to automate your home. But only Lutron’s RadioRA 2 gives you un-matched flexibility, creativity, reliability and value.