Lutron Sivoia QS

Lutron Sivoia QS

When you get home from work, you probably open some blinds around the house, get something to drink, and sit down to watch the news. And if Murphy’s Law holds true, then five minutes after you get comfortable, the sun sets far enough to shine either directly in your eyes or on the television, so you have to get up and go adjust them again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to get up to fix the blinds, or if you didn’t even have to deal with them at all?

With Sivoia QS motorized shades & blinds, you can either use the Quantum total light management system to adjust your shades manually without leaving your seat, or hook into the HomeWorks QS home automation system and have the shades controlled for you.

Modern homes are being built with lots of windows, but lots of windows mean lots of blinds. Instead of dealing with blind cords, chains, or those spring-loaded blinds that never seem to want to go up, just push a button and all the blinds in the room adjust for your comfort. You can have multiple settings – from all open on bright sunny summer days, to all closed at night. You can have a setting that closes all the blinds facing east, for the morning, or perhaps opens the blinds halfway to allow some light but also some privacy. With venetian blinds, you can even control the angle they’re tilted.

If you don’t want to be pushing buttons all day, the HomeWorks QS home automation system can control the entire Sivoia QS line based on a schedule you set. Now you don’t even have to remember to set the blinds before sitting down to watch TV – they’ll be automatically adjusted based on the time of year so that the sun doesn’t shine in your eyes.

Sivoia QS can control a broad range of Lutron Window Treatments:

Roller Shades: These traditional shades let you dim or block the light with a seamless fabric.
Drapery Systems: Forget about the windows. Do you have a home entertainment system? Did you ever want a big red velvet curtain that pulls back after the lights go down? Look no further.
Roman Shades: Like a cross between venetian blinds and curtains or shades, these shades provide a unique look to any room.
Venetian Blinds: “Old Faithful” in the window blind store, with automated tilt controls, provide a fine control over how much light comes in.
Tensioned Shades: These shades are pulled taut so that they can be used on skylights or “bottom up” shades.

If you don’t want to deal with having all your shades wired for control, there is also a Sivoia QS Wireless line of shades, making it easier to outfit your entire home.

Stop pulling cords. Let Lutron Sivoia QS do it for you.