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Your Lutron Diamond Dealer In Los Angeles

For expert advice, experience, and that forgotten personal touch, call Citrom Home Automation for your next Lutron system.

Your Lutron Diamond Dealer In Los Angeles

For expert advice, experience, and that forgotten personal touch, call Citrom Home Automation for your next Lutron system.

Your Lutron Dealer, Citrom Home Automation

Lutron Dealer Citrom Home Automation

As a leading Lutron Dealer in the Los Angeles area, we are thrilled to be able to have helped so many homeowners enjoy the elegance, comfort and convenience of a Lutron Home Automation System in their home. We also team up with electrical contractors, A/V specialists, general contractors, architects, and interior designers to help them provide Lutron Lighting Systems (like Homeworks QS or Radio RA2) and Lutron Motorized Shading Systems to their homeowner clients. We are passionate about lighting and shades!


“Our goal is to provide personalized and dedicated customer service to each of our clients. We communicate regularly, show up when we say we will, and we strive to satisfy and even delight our customers. We are old school: a handshake means our word and a phone call means we'll be there.” ~ Eli Citrom

Our Services

Citrom Home Automation is known for its skill and expertise in the design, programming and installation of Lutron home automation systems. Our reputation is so well respected that other Lutron dealers, contractors and even Lutron itself turn to us when facing a challenge. Your project deserves the best and we’ll deliver the best every time.

Lutron Programmer

Lutron Programmer

At Citrom, we plan the programming at the start of each job. Some dealers may wait until everything is installed to develop the program. However we find it improves the design, optimizes the installation and delivers a better result when programming leads the overall process. Our delighted customers, contractors and interior designers agree.

Lutron Designer

Lutron Designer

An optimized Lutron home automation design results in a system that requires the least amount of material and labor while delivering the maximum user usefulness and delight. Producing this type of design requires experience and an artistic eye that can blend technology and an interior design vision into a system that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Lutron Installer

Lutron Installer

When construction begins and it’s time to install your Lutron system, you’ll want Citrom in charge of everything related to your home automation system. Years of experience as a contractor means we know how to smooth out our piece of the job. Want to see your contractors smile? Watch them when they learn we are your Lutron installer.

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Your Lutron dealer, Citrom Home Automation, can help to beautify, simplify and save energy for almost any home. Talk with us about what can we do for you and  your home.


Citrom Home Automation is proud to offer our clients Lutron’s innovative home automation solutions, lighting and window coverings that combine technical excellence with beauty and convenience. We take the time to learn from you, or your contractors, interior designers and architects exactly how you want your home to look and work. Only then do we match you with the perfect Lutron solutions.

Lutron HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks QS

With Lutron’s flagship home automation system, HomeWorks QS, if you can envision it, you can control it. Command every aspect of your home’s operation and enjoyment including window coverings, heating and cooling, audio/visual, lighting, security and more. Capable of accommodating homes up to 50,000 square feet and 10,000 independent zones.

Lutron RadioRA 2

Lutron RadioRA 2

The ideal system for homes up to 7,500 square feet. Use Lutron’s industry-best wireless technology to control every part of your home for the ultimate in comfort, convenience, energy conservation and reliability. HVAC, A/V, lighting and window treatments are literally at your fingertips with wall mounted, handheld and smart device control options.

Lutron Sivoia Motorized Window Coverings

Lutron Motorized Window Coverings

Lighting is a key element in your home’s design. With Lutron’s motorized window coverings you can control natural light easily. Offering the widest variety of architectural and designer finishes and colors, Sivoia QS window shades, blinds and draperies can match any design requirement, effortlessly delivering beauty, comfort, energy savings and convenience.

Lutron Lighting Products

Lutron Lighting Products

Lutron is on the forefront of LED lighting beauty and flexibility with its Ketra and Ivalo lighting products and EcoSystem technology. Mimic natural light, or any color you desire to set the mood in any room for all occasions. From daybreak to bedtime, from party time to a restful day at home, Lutron Lighting products help you live the lifestyle you wish for.

Our Team

Lutron Dealer Eli Citrom

Eli Citrom

President, Designer, Programmer, Installer

Eli is president and co-founder of Citrom Home Automation. Eli has over 20 years as an electrical contractor, and 12 years is a an expert Lutron Designer, Programmer and Installer.

Brenda Citrom

Brenda Citrom

Vice President, Customer Service

Co-owner and Vice President of Citrom Home Automation, Brenda is responsible for customer service and the logistics of your project, including parts, scheduling and administration.

Lutron Dealer Bruce Kleine

Bruce Kleine

Operations and Shade Manager

Bruce coordinates with homeowners and the trades, and oversees window covering projects

Lutron Dealer Karen Dela Torre

Karen Dela Torre

Office Administrator

Receives inventory and prepares it for delivery and installation; Coordinates office operations including accounting and correspondence.

Parts And Upgrades

Citrom Home Automation is your source for parts for your older Lutron systems, often at the best prices available. And, because we buy from Lutron direct, you are assured they are genuine Lutron, OEM parts. Want to upgrade or modify your programming and system capabilities? We can help with that as well.

Lutron Parts

Lutron Parts

When parts for your Lutron home automation system need to be replaced, make Citrom Home Automation your first call. We provide parts for old and new Lutron systems and offer the same support and service on them as we do for new projects including design and programming assistance where needed.

Lutron Upgrades

Lutron Upgrades

Do you have an older home automation system that you would like to replace, such as Lite-Touch? Have you outgrown your older Lutron Homeworks or GrafikEye home automation system? We’re as experienced with upgrades as new jobs and give them the same attention to detail. Upgrade your home automation system with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which system is right for me?

In the current constantly evolving home automation technology industry, navigating through and choosing a lighting system right for your home can be dizzying. We make it a point to really listen to the homeowner’s needs. We want to understand your vision (or that of your trusted interior designer) so we can make the perfect match between that vision and Lutron’s home automation systems, motorized window coverings, and lighting collections.

How do I know you’ll treat my home and possessions properly?

Our crew wears fabric booties when stepping on newly finished flooring or if you request that for your home. Our crew wears white gloves when installing Lutron shades to keep them clean and we typically cover nearby furniture when installing shades.

I have a LiteTouch system. Can you help me?

Yes. Many owners of LiteTouch systems have already upgraded to Lutron, and we can help you do that, too. Lutron has a UL Listed Retrofit Solution for LiteTouch Systems. Give us a call to learn about upgrading from LiteTouch system with a new Lutron system.

Can you provide references?

Yes! We can always provide references upon request. We can also recommend that you visit other projects that we have completed.

I'm not a technical person. Will I have trouble using a Lutron system in my home?

No. The Lutron system is designed to fit your very specific lighting needs and all the keypad engravings are your ideas, approved by you so you are sure to understand them. Everything on your Lutron system is custom designed for you and only requires that you to press a button or speak your request.

I'm redecorating. Can I add Lutron to my home?

Yes, there are wireless and wired options for Lutron lighting and battery options for Lutron shades that make retrofitting and remodeling a breeze.

How do I choose a Lutron Dealer?

Choosing a Lutron Dealer can be easy. Just ask Lutron! Citrom Home Automation is your a Lutron Diamond Dealer in Los Angeles. Lutron sends other Lutron programmers, Lutron designers and Lutron installers to us for advice when they get stuck, so you know that we'll be able to make your Lutron system do just about anything you need. 


Our homeowner clients love us because of how great we make their home look. Our contractor and designer clients love us because of how great we make them look. Here are some of their comments about us.

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Citrom Home Automation is Los Angeles’ most trusted Lutron Dealer, Designer, Programmer and Installer. To schedule your free initial consultation, please contact us today!

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