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Your home is a reflection of your tastes, values and personality. Now it’s time to take control of your home’s operation to accentuate its beauty, optimize its convenience, and maximize its efficient use of energy. Lutron HomeWorks QS puts you in control of every aspect of your home, creating the perfect environment for you, your family and your guests

Control Absolutely Everything With HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks QS is designed by Lutron to control every conceivable lighting aspect of your home. Whether you want absolute control of your heating and air conditioning systems,the ability to coordinate drapery, shade and blind positions with the sun, or allowing you to create the perfect combination of light and comfort for every family and social situation, HomeWorks QS is up to the task.

Built around Lutron’s innovative wireless technology and the most reliable available, HomeWorks QS can accommodate up to 10,000 individual zones. This enormous capacity allows you to control shades and blinds on every window, door, and skylight that you chose to add to the system. It puts you in control of every single light fixture and lamp on your Lutron system throughout your home. Your heating and cooling systems can be fully controlled and integrated with shades and blinds to make the best use of natural light and its impact of heating and cooling loads. And, integration with security and safety systems is easily accomplished.


But, HomeWorks isn’t just about utility. It is about creating the perfect moods and scenes to make every moment of every day perfect. By having your Lutron HomeWorks system integrated with your A/V system, It can dim the lights and open the drapes to accent a beautiful twilight vista, free from the distraction of home lighting; it can create the ideal A/V environment for listening to classical music in the parlor or thriller movie night in the family room; with the push of a button or tap of a screen it can create an environment of light, sound, vision, and security that perfectly suits your needs and any situation.

Just imagine being able to wake up to a breakfast area bathed in the warm glow of the morning sun, comfortable in knowing the shades will adjust before the sun begins to heat the space too much. Or, that if you are working late, you can call up your late arrival “scene” with pathways discretely lit to lead you securely to your front door.

What if you learn an old friend is in town for a surprise visit, but you won’t be home before they arrive? Create a welcoming scene of light and sound, providing them with an access code to enter your home and get comfortable. If you can imagine it, HomeWorks QS can make it happen.

Your Home Is Beautiful


If thoughts of home automation bring to mind visions of sci-fi, high tech control panels, you can rest easy. Lutron understands that you have worked long and hard to create a beautiful and welcoming home, which is why HomeWorks QS is available with the largest range of architectural and designer colors and finishes so that your automation controls can be discrete yet convenient. If you prefer, style and colors in the selection can instead make your controls stand out.

The chameleon ability of the HomeWorks QS finishes along with CHA’s ability to work harmoniously with your interior designer or architect, means you can locate controls for maximum convenience and maintain the aesthetics of your home. The bottom line? You are in control, not just of your home’s operation, but also of how the controls look.

Designer seeTouch keypads and Maestro dimmer options

  • 1 Glass option
  • 10 Architectural Matte colors
  • 20 Satin colors
  • 7 Designer Gloss colors

International seeTouch keypad options

  • 1 Glass option
  • 3 Architectural Matte colors
  • 8 Architectural Metal finishes

Architectural seeTouch keypads

  • 1 Glass option
  • 10 Architectural Matte colors
  • 11 Architectural Metal finishes

Signature Series and Architrave keypad options

  • 10 Architectural Matte colors
  • 11 Architectural Metal finishes

Palladiom keypads

  • 2 Glass options
  • 10 Architectural Matte finishes
  • 7 Architectural Metal finishes

GRAFIK T dimmers, switches and keypads

  • 2 Glass options
  • 10 Architectural Matte colors

RF seeTouch Tabletop keypads

  • 2 Satin colors
  • 11 Architectural Metal finishes

Let's talk about your Home Automation project

Tailor The Natural Light Of Your Home With Shades And Drapes

At Citrom Home Automation (CHA), Eli Citrom, our expert Lutron Designer, has a passion for mixing natural and artificial light to create a beautiful environment inside your home, often in conjunction with your own interior designer. HomeWorks QS supports an expansive range of shade and blind window treatments that allow the creation of this artistic expression while enhancing your design and contributing significantly to your home’s energy efficiency.

HomeWorks QS uses automation of your shades and blinds to make them key contributors to your home’s scenes and moods. It accomplishes this by controlling the timing and amount of natural light that enters your home. This same automation also controls the impact of natural light on your heating and cooling system, minimizing extra run time that uses energy unnecessarily. Simply put, intelligent design of window covering automation can dramatically increase your comfort, enjoyment of your living spaces and your home’s energy efficiency.

Lutron Product Photography

To support your design and decor preferences, the following shade and blind styles can be included in your Homeworks QS system:

  • Roller Shades -- Provide silent, precision control of daylight with a battery-powered option where desired.
  • Honeycomb shades -- Combine superior insulation with luxurious textures and colors, also available battery-powered, if you wish.
  • Drapery Track systems -- For designs and situations that demand a traditional look, these may be a perfect choice for your decor.
  • Kirbe Vertical drapery systems -- Eliminate view obstructions with this vertical-lift option.
  • Wood Blinds -- Do you like the warmth of wood? Automated wood blinds allow them to be raised, lowered and slats tilted to admit the perfect amount of natural light.
  • Horizontal Sheer Blinds -- If your tastes favor the elegance of a sheer, but you want the control of a blind, here is your solution.
  • Roman Shades -- Classic and elegant, these timeless window treatments have never been as convenient and reliable as this automated version.
  • Tensioned Shades -- When you have skylights and angled windows to treat, these blinds provide the perfect solution, giving you reliable control of daylight and temperature.

HomeWorks QS And Energy Efficiency Go Hand-in-Hand


Energy conservation and energy efficiency are essential contributors to a healthy environment and a sustainable future. With the control and automation possibilities of Lutron HomeWorks QS, you can program your home to provide maximum energy efficiency by integrating lighting, heating, cooling, and natural lighting.

Using HomeWorks QS, you can capitalize on the benefits of natural lighting and create schedules and routines that squeeze every benefit from each watt of power your home uses. All while maintaining a comfortable, enjoyable and welcoming environment inside your home.

Rather than rely on remembering when to adjust temperatures and close or open shades and blinds, let HomeWorks QS do it for you. Here are a few of the energy conserving features and capabilities HomeWorks QS delivers:

  • Creation of schedules that match HVAC operation to your lifestyle, work schedules and other commitments outside of your home.
  • Use of geofencing to simplify the implementation of your schedules based on the location of your smartphone.
  • Controlling natural light (and heat gain) with shades and blinds to manage heat gain and loss.
  • Integrated occupancy and temperature sensors to only condition those areas of the home that are occupied or that need it, a vast improvement over running HVAC systems to maintain the same temperature throughout the entire house.
  • Controlling lighting with dimming controls to take maximum advantage of natural light, reducing energy use.
  • Control of ceiling fans to enhance the performance of HVAC systems and increase occupant comfort.
  • Good night and good morning buttons that implement your nighttime mood and scene including arming of security systems and your morning mood and scene including opening blinds to allow the breakfast area to get the first rays of the new day.

Extensive Integration With Other Systems

Lutron recognizes that there are many capable and creative companies in the home automation market who are continuously improving and innovating their offerings for specific applications. To enable you to take advantage of these innovations and advancements, Lutron can be integrated with many of the industry leaders so that their products work perfectly with the HomeWorks QS system.

Think of these collaborative efforts as future-proofing your HomeWorks QS investment. As new technology emerges that enhances and expands the control of your home and how it meets your needs, you can be confident it will “play nicely” with your HomeWorks QS system.

Take, for example, one of one of the most exciting enhancements to hit home automation, voice control. HomeWorks QS is compatible with Alexa voice control. With Alexa just a word away, you can control temperatures, lighting, operate scenes and moods and more. Likewise, with Sonos music systems, you can call up music to fit your mood or that of your guests.

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Some of the systems Lutron works with include:

  • -- security
  • Amazon -- Alexa
  • AMX -- AV systems
  • Autonomic -- whole home audio
  • Bang & Olufsen -- AV systems
  • Clare Controls -- whole house automation
  • Control4 -- home automation
  • Converging Systems -- residential motor and lighting control
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc. -- multimedia, AV and automation
  • Dana Innovations -- audio
  • ELAN -- AV systems and home automation
  • ELK -- security and communications
  • Honeywell -- temperature control, security
  • iSimplex -- home and media server, media box
  • Key Digital -- AV systems
  • Nest -- temperature control, security
  • OnControls -- cloud-based home automation
  • ProControl -- handheld remote control of home automation
  • RTI -- home automation
  • Savant -- home automation
  • Simple Control -- integration app
  • Sonos -- audio
  • URC -- handheld remote control of home automation
  • Wall Smart -- flush mount options for control panels

Take advantage of integration capabilities with security and communication systems to keep you, your family and your home safe from natural and manmade threats. For example, we can include your garage door opener into a “late arrival scene” or “bad weather scene” -- a big help when the need arises.

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