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Lutron RadioRA 2

The Lutron RadioRA 2 home automation system enables you to automate the way your home interacts with your lifestyle and the environment. This industry-leading wireless automation system puts you in complete control of how your lights operate to create the perfect moods and scenes, how much natural light enters your home and when it enters, how your heating and cooling (HVAC) systems operate to minimize your carbon footprint and much more.

What Is Lutron RadioRA 2?

Quite simply, RadioRA 2 changes the way you interact with and control your home. It puts control of lighting, HVAC, window shades and blinds, A/V and other home systems at your fingertips, whether from a wall mounted keypad outside your family room or via your mobile device anywhere you can access the internet.

Lutron combines the convenience and reliability of their wireless system with an extensive array of architectural and interior design finishes so you can modernize your home without it looking like mission control. Lutron’s offerings in shades and blinds ensure you or your interior designer can find exactly the look and feel you want, accentuating the beauty of your home.

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Exposed panels and related components such as dimmers and switches are available in:

  • 20 satin colors
  • 6 gloss colors
  • 10 architectural matte colors
  • 12 architectural metal finishes
  • 2 glass finishes

The panels themselves are available in three styles:

  • Square corners and beveled edges
  • Square corners and square edges
  • Rounded corners and square edge
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Elegance And Energy Savings With Lutron Shades And Blinds

People have used shades and blinds for centuries to provide privacy and control of outside light. Today, one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of energy your home uses is with these modern and updated time-tested window treatments.

When you use Lutron RadioRA 2 to control the shades and blinds in your home, you maximize the energy savings the window treatments create along with providing privacy when you want it and natural light when it is most beneficial.

Lutron shades and blinds include a wide variety of styles to match your decor:

  • Roller Shades -- Provide practically silent, precision control of daylight with a battery-powered option where desired.
  • Honeycomb shades -- Combine superior insulation with luxurious textures and colors, also available battery-powered, if you wish.
  • Drapery Track systems -- For designs and situations that demand a traditional look, these may be a perfect choice.
  • Kirbe Vertical drapery systems -- Eliminate view obstructions with this vertical-lift option.
  • Wood Blinds -- Like the warmth of wood? Automated wood blinds allow them to be raised, lowered and slats tilted to admit the perfect amount of natural light.
  • Horizontal Sheer Blinds -- If your tastes favor the elegance of a sheer, but you want the control of a blind, you have found your solution.
  • Roman Shades -- Classic and elegant, these timeless window treatments have never been as convenient and reliable as this automated version.
  • Tensioned Shades -- When you have skylights and angled windows to treat, these blinds provide the perfect solution, giving you reliable control of daylight and temperature.

Fully Compatible Integrations With Best Technology

Lutron works continually with top manufacturers to ensure their products integrate easily with the RadioRA 2 system. The reason for this extensive collaboration is to provide you with the broadest number of choices for your home automation, and to ensure that your Lutron system can grow and change as technology advances and your lifestyle changes.

Want the power of the spoken word to control your RadioRA 2 system? Integration of the Amazon Alexa is available. How about mixing music with your scenes and moods? Sonos integration allows you to add Brahms Lullaby to your goodnight mood or morning reveille for those parts of your home with the hard to rouse.

  • ELK -- security and communications
  • Honeywell -- temperature control, security
  • iSimplex -- home and media server, media box
  • Key Digital -- AV systems
  • Nest -- temperature control, security
  • OnControls -- cloud-based home automation
  • ProControl -- handheld remote control of home automation
  • RTI -- home automation
  • Savant -- home automation
  • Simple Control -- integration app
  • Sonos -- audio
  • URC -- handheld remote control of home automation
  • Wall Smart -- flush mount options for control panels
  • -- security
  • Amazon -- Alexa
  • AMX -- AV systems
  • Autonomic -- whole home audio
  • Bang & Olufsen -- AV systems
  • Clare Controls -- whole house automation
  • Control4 -- home automation
  • Converging Systems -- residential motor and lighting control
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc. -- multimedia, AV and automation
  • Dana Innovations -- audio
  • ELAN -- AV systems and home automation

With such an expansive selection, you can add the features, capabilities and styles from companies such as Nest, Apple, Sonos and Honeywell. We can also integrate your compatible garage door controls with RadioRA 2, an especially nice touch on rainy days and dark nights.

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Use Less Energy And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A key driver of home energy use is heat gain and loss. When temperatures are hot, sun shining through windows can significantly increase solar heat gain. This increase in heat load means your cooling system will run longer and use more energy. At night and on colder days, the heat inside your home can flow through windows towards the cooler outside temperatures. Just as heat gain makes you cooling system run more, heat loss makes your heating system do the same.

Through intelligent integration with temperature controls, sensors, lighting dimmers and shades and blinds, RadioRA 2 delivers the ideal balance between energy efficiency and a home environment that is a delight for its occupants. It offers a wide range of energy saving features including:

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  • Creation of schedules that match HVAC operation to your lifestyle, work schedules and other commitments outside of your home.
  • Use of geofencing to simplify the implementation of your schedules based on the location of you and your smartphone.
  • Controlling natural light (and heat gain) with shades and blinds to manage heat gain and loss.
  • Integrated occupancy and temperature sensors to only condition those areas of the home that are occupied or that need it, a vast improvement over running HVAC systems to maintain the same temperature throughout the entire house.
  • Controlling lighting with dimming controls to take maximum advantage of natural light, reducing energy use.
  • Control of ceiling fans to enhance the performance of HVAC systems and increase occupant comfort.
  • Good night and good morning buttons that implement your nighttime mood and scene including arming of security systems and your morning mood and scene including opening blinds to allow the breakfast area to get the first rays of the new day.

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