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Lutron LED Lighting: Ketra, Ivalo and EcoSystem

LED lighting is more energy efficient than conventional incandescent or halogen lighting, and more beautiful and flexible as well. So it’s no surprise that Lutron is taking the lead in innovative LED lighting with their new Ketra and Ivalo lighting collections and EcoSystem technology.

Ketra LED Lighting

Never before has anyone been able to replicate outdoor natural lighting as easily and accurately as Ketra provides. Ketra’s “Tunable Lighting” allows any space in your home to mimic natural light any time of day. Experience the world’s coziest warm dimming to set a special mood at night. Or set the bulbs to emulate conventional incandescent bulbs.

Ketra lighting can also be set to any color in the visible spectrum, from intense reds and oranges to vibrant yellows, deep greens and intense blues. Prefer a more subtle effect? Light colors and pastels are only a button away. However you want to experience your home, Ketra can do it.


Ketra Residential Lighting Products


Ketra luminaires are available in a variety of form factors to satisfy any designer. Use these lamps and fixtures to tint your room with any color you can imagine. All Ketra lighting features fully tunable, fully saturated colors.

  • Downlights -- available in round or square with fixed, adjustable and wall-wash housings.
  • Retrofit downlights -- 4” apertures and an adjustable regress depth make this a perfect contemporary retrofit for most halogen or incandescent downlights.
  • G2 Linear -- Ideally suited for cove, wall-wash and grazing applications with uniform color and intensity across walls and ceilings.
  • S30 Track Luminaire -- Easily retrofit legacy track lighting applications or design a new room with these S30 LED lamps.
  • S38 Track Luminaire -- Join a room full of S38’s into a single luminaire with this simple plug and play luminaire solution. Equally perfect for retrofit or new construction.

Ketra offers retrofit and spare lamps for all these fixtures, as well as traditional A20 lamps that deliver a beautiful omni-directional beam pattern. Each lamp is individually addressable.

All Ketra lighting fixtures and lamps are fully compatible with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS system, which opens up unlimited options for setting the mood in your home for any occasion.

Lutron Ivalo LED Lighting

While most lighting systems can dim to 10% or better, Lutron’s Ivalo can do something never before possible: dim smoothly from 100% down to 1%. Ivalo features some of the most contemporary pendants, sconces, recessed and linear lighting available anywhere. And it’s all compatible with both Lutron’s RadioRa2 and HomeWorks QS systems.

The Ivalo Collection Of LED Fixtures

The only thing more beautiful than the light coming from your new Ivalo collection fixtures is the fixture itself. These modernist light fixtures are ultra-high quality, sophisticated solutions for every type of space.



  • Aliante -- This gently flowing 4 to 5 foot pendant is perfect for dining rooms and kitchen islands.
  • Rotare -- Equally at home in commercial or residential settings, Rotare’s 4 foot 4 inch angular look adds dimension to dining rooms and kitchen islands.
  • L’ale -- This 4 foot 8 inch crescent-shaped pendant gently sheds light and beauty in any dining room or kitchen island.
  • Daedalus -- For instant drama in any room, Daedalus delivers. Use this 5 foot pendant in your entry way or atrium..


  • Alliante -- This beautiful 4 foot or 5 foot sconce is designed for interior or exterior use, flanking doors, highlighting columns or building facades, or between windows.
  • Alliante Demi -- Just 21 to 27 inches tall, this demi sconce can be placed on interior or exterior walls.
  • Rotare -- Excellent for cove lighting in any room, this 4 foot 4 inch complements the Rotare pendant.
  • L’ale -- Enhance your interior by flanking doors, TVs and fireplaces with this 27 inch sconce.
  • Inflection -- Asymmetry is at the heart of this 23 inch curved piece of art.
  • Silvus -- Flank doors or highlight columns with these bright 24 or 30 inch sconces.

Recessed and Linear LIghting

  • Finire’ Recessed Lighting -- These 3 inch or 4 inch downlight, wall-wash or adjustable luminaires can be ordered in round, square, trimmed or trimless apertures.
  • Lumaris LED Linear Lighting -- This sleek LED linear system delivers high quality uninterrupted lines of LED illumination in lengths from 6 inches up to 48 inches.

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Lutron LED EcoSystem

You can achieve unlimited flexibility with LED lighting thanks to Lutron’s EcoSystem Technology. EcoSystem is a control method that allows you to individually address and receive a status from every LED bulb in your home. Now rather than thinking about lighting a room, you can fine tune not only the intensity of light, but also the warmth and color of the light, all without complicated wiring.

Wire your EcoSystem installation in series, with a single home-run to the controller. Or, when necessary, branch off of the home run with individual runs to remote fixtures.

You not only can control the mood of each room, but also the energy-saving attributes of each space. You will get smooth, continuous dimming with no pop-on, steps, flickers or drop-outs, which are common with other LED drivers. Plus, you get the reliability of Lutron’s lamps, rated at 50,000 hours at full-load, giving you years of worry-free enjoyment.


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Whether you are looking to light a room or an entire estate, Lutron’s LED technology will make your home more beautiful and your project more flexible. Learn more about Ketra, Ivalo and EcoSystem by contacting Citrom Home Automation today. Call us at 818-888-8877 or contact us via email. We’ll show you how Lutron’s LED lighting technology can work for you.

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