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It takes more than technology and automation to create the perfect home environment, but it’s the design that drives the project. Without question, technical know-how and installation excellence are required, but Eli Citrom, our Lutron Designer, president and co-founder of our company, Citrom Home Automation (CHA), knows that the project starts with a great design.

Creating the moods and the aesthetic for each room, activity and function within your home requires an artistic element, an eye for how lighting brings out the best of your home. Just as lighting is key to a beautiful photo, lighting is key to the beauty of your home. Eli has that artistic eye and has been using it to delight the homeowner in each Lutron project he has completed.

The challenge, then, is the blending of art and technology and this is where Eli excels. He works with you and your team, including contractors and interior designers, to understand exactly what you want for your home. How you want it to appear to guests. How you want it to adapt to and support the diverse lifestyles and work schedules of each family member.

Combining Technical Requirements And Artistic Desires

While some contractors might immediately start with the system’s electrical design, Eli understands that the artistic aspects must precede the technical to obtain the best results.

What types of light fixtures are needed to produce the right lighting for that piece of art? Where should they be located to optimize the use of natural light and the architectural features of your home? What do you, the homeowner, envision as the perfect outcome for each mood, situation and activity?

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The Art Of Lutron Design


Part of the artistic element of the Lutron Designer’s approach is to understand how you want your home to feel and look. While this may sound simplistic, it’s critical to Eli’s success as a designer. We start by identifying the basic needs your Lutron system will fulfill. For example:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Energy conservation

We then work to define the way in which your Lutron system will deliver these needs, space by space, room by room:

  • Dusk to dawn exterior illumination of your home.
  • Open house lighting mood for large gatherings of family and friends.
  • Security settings to light specific areas, inside and out, in the event of a security alarm.
  • Elegant dinner party mood for the dining, living and serving/preparation areas.
  • Convenience moods like trips to the kitchen or bathroom at night.
  • Dark sky settings to enjoy the night sky from your deck.
  • Incorporating daylight to help reduce energy use.

Your Technical Design

Only with the end result clearly understood can we begin with the technical design for the wiring and installation. Controls and operational panels can be placed where they provide the most convenient access for you, your family and your guests. Lights, sensor and motorized shade, blinds and drapes placed where they work best with natural light.

Eli emphasizes that neither the artistic or technology portion of the project is more important than the other. Both are essential to crafting a perfect outcome that delivers on your vision and provides endless hours of satisfaction and delight.

Your system may have hundreds of components from fixtures to dimmers to panels that must be precisely wired. Then, your moods and desired functionality must be programmed into the software so that when you hit your “At Home” or “Nighttime Entertainment” or “Bedtime” button, the appropriate mood is created, each and every time. As your Lutron Designer, Eli will ensure the choreography he designs is accurately captured with his programming, allowing you to control your home from a control panel in the living room or a smartphone across the Atlantic.


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