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A professional lighting and shade expert can enhance your vision of your home by making your home revolve around your lifestyle. A professional with extensive experience. A professional with the expertise and reputation of Citrom Home Automation (CHA), your Lutron Installer and a Lutron Diamond Dealer.

The goal of our company is to put you in complete control of your home. We match our technical expertise in designing, programming and installing Lutron automation systems with good, old-fashioned customer service, so your experience is positive and enjoyable, start to finish. Together, we’ll take your vision of a beautiful and responsive home and bring it to life.

Lutron - The Industry Leader In Home Automation

Lutron has been a leader in home automation products for decades and they have an unmatched product line when it comes to putting homeowners in complete control of their lighting, shades, blinds and energy consumption. Not only do they provide the most extensive line of hardware, they perform a 100% quality inspection which allows them to offer enhanced, 8-year warranties.

Lutron also spends more time on the aesthetics of their products, and offer more finishes and styles than any other home automation line on the market.

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Citrom Home Automation -- The Lutron Installer Of Choice

Even the industry’s best automation products can come up short when installed by an inexperienced contractor. It takes product knowledge, extensive experience and the ability to take your vision or that of your architect or interior designer, and make it a reality for your home.

When you want your home to respond to your lifestyle and needs, you want CHA and Lutron. Eli Citrom, co-founder and president of our company, brings decades of electrical and Lutron experience to every project. Our customers routinely express their delight with how well their Lutron lighting or shade systems work.

They are also pleased with how smoothly the project proceeds. From start to finish, Eli and our team here at CHA address every detail in the job requirements, so work is done correctly the first time.

A Proven Approach To Lutron Satisfaction

Whether you are a homeowner hiring CHA for a independent project or a contractor adding Citrom to your team, Eli leads the project and takes the same approach every time.

  • He sits down with the parties involved to gain an understanding of the desired outcome. This is an exercise in vision rather than technology.
  • Next, he begins to develop the fundamental capabilities needed within the Lutron system; lighting control, shade and blind control, integration with other systems including A/V, HVAC and security.
  • If the project is a retrofit, he visits the project to develop a plan for how Lutron and existing light and architecture will work together.
  • If it is a new build, Eli will meet with the contractors, interior designers and architects to develop a plan for bringing the vision for the home to life.
  • Communication and coordination are of paramount importance on any Lutron project. Our goal is to eliminate any project “hiccups,” so Eli and our team spend a lot of time with you or the trades to coordinate all aspects of installing and commissioning the Lutron system.
  • Upon completion, it isn’t a, “Here’s the remote, enjoy the system,” type of ending. You’ll receive thorough training on how to get exactly what you want from your system every time you use it.
  • Finally, Eli and our team services what we sell, responding if an issue occurs.

It takes an expert Lutron Designer to make the connection between what Lutron Products can do, and what the homeowner desires. And it takes an expert Lutron Programmer to convert the moods, settings and requirements of your design into the “language” that makes your system respond to your commands. Fortunately, Eli is a master of both design and programming.

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Contractor And Interior Designer-friendly


For those projects where contractors or interior designers are part of the team, they are always pleased to find Eli in charge of the Lutron piece of the project. Over the years, he has gained an exceptional reputation with the people we help: general contractors, electrical contractors, A/V contractors, architects and interior designers.

They know from experience and reputation that Eli and our team at CHA are going to take full responsibility for all things Lutron. And, that the end result will make the owner happy and all the trades on the project look good.

These projects are complicated. But when an issue does arise, contractors and designers know Eli can work it out every time. Eli has tackled the most demanding and complex Lutron installations and has overcome the most difficult design, programming and installation challenges, which is why other Lutron Installers and experts at Lutron itself often turn to Eli when they have a problem.

Because of our contracting experience and in-depth knowledge of Lutron HomeworksQS, RadioRA2, and Drapery and Shades, communication and coordination with other trades on the project is outstanding which leads to a smooth installation of the Lutron system. Materials will be on site when needed; wires pulled when scheduled, and controls positioned and programmed per plans.


Select The Best Lutron Installer

Whatever your vision, you’ll want the best Lutron installer to make the system work just the way you want. Contact Citrom Home Automation or call us at 818-888-8877 today to find out how we can help you create a beautiful lighting, shade and automation experience for your home or a client’s home.

Citrom Home Automation and Lutron, we do home automation right.