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Lutron Programmer

Lutron makes the best lighting and shade automation systems on the market. So, if you are thinking about Lutron for your home or a client’s home, you are making a wise choice. To make that choice even better, choose the best Lutron programmer.

If you live or build in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, the San Fernando Valley or any of the surrounding areas, as far South as Torrance and as far North as Santa Barbara, that choice is Citrom Home Automation (CHA), a Lutron Diamond dealer.

Lutron Automation Programmer

Since 1982, CHA has been the go-to Lutron programmer for the most demanding Lutron installations. For more than 35 years, CHA has been helping people satisfy their lighting control needs. We have such a good reputation, even Lutron itself and other programmers turn to us for programming advice.

The person behind this reputation is Eli Citrom. Eli, president and co-founder of CHA, puts his passion for lighting and attention to detail into each project his company builds, large or small. He has a knack for taking the ideas, wants and needs of homeowners and contractors alike and turning them into the perfect Lutron system.

CHA offers a wide range of services and Lutron systems that depend on its programming expertise for optimal performance. In particular are RadioRA 2, Homeworks QS, and Shades, Blinds and Draperies.

Contractors And Lutron Programming

Lutron Programmer

The best projects consist of an inspired design, flawless installation and great programming. Eli understands that the work of the designers and installers rely on his programming to bring the Lutron system to life and to deliver the design’s functionality. That’s why Eli gets involved with planning and programming early in the project. He understands it is better to make modifications during the planning stages than during construction to stay on schedule and within budget.

General contractors like the fact that rather than wait until the project is built to tackle the programming, Eli starts envisioning what is required to deliver the specified performance the moment he joins the team. This drives his approach to designing and delivering the Lutron part of the job. When the owner is given the demonstration of their new Lutron system’s capabilities, the only thing they’ll experience is delight. And, satisfaction with the GC’s performance.

Electrical contractors recognize that because Eli had been an EC for 25 years, he knows and understands wiring and how it affects the programming. He is also aware of the problems that can happen if the right wiring isn’t used and run properly. When wires are run to panels, dimmers, modules, and fixtures, the EC knows they will only be run once because when the system is powered up and tested, all connections will be correct, lights and shades will perform as expected and rework will be non-existent.

Audiovisual contractors appreciate being able to coordinate with Eli and CHA because they know he starts thinking about how to program the proper scenes and features the moment he begins the project. Eli understands that the programming makes or breaks the A/V experience. And, that the mood for the big game is different than the one for a favorite movie. Bottom line? Eli makes sure your A/V system is shown in the best light.

Interior designers appreciate the fact that the vision they have developed for the interplay of light and shade within the home will be faithfully executed and automated. Eli has a similar passion for this interplay and can make the Lutron system deliver that vision through his programming.

Eli sees programming a critical element of the project that makes us all look good. The time to start developing the programming is at the start of the job, not the end. Choose CHA for your next Lutron project and let Eli program your project the right way the first time.

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Homeowners And Lutron Programming

The heart of the Lutron system is the programming created by your Lutron Programmer. It’s what tells the various switches, outlets, dimmers, motors and controls how to react when the homeowner presses a button or says a command. Experienced programmers make system operation simple and satisfying. Eli brings that expertise in programming to every project.

What is your vision for the capabilities of your Lutron system?

Sun tracking to keep blinds and shades closed on the sunny side of your home?

  • Reduce heat gain and HVAC cooling load
  • Protect interior furnishings from sunlight damage

Creating various lighting schemes for different situations and events?

  • Security
  • Watching Movies & Sporting Events
  • Elegant dining
  • Unwinding in a favorite spot
Homeowner Automation Programmer

Match blinds and shade position to the time of day and room’s purpose

  • Open on the breakfast nook for perfect morning sun
  • Closed in the bathrooms after dark
  • Replace electric lighting with sun lighting for energy conservation

All this capability is the result of blending years of experience, attention to detail and listening carefully to your needs. Once we understand your needs and ideas, programming turns them into the “language” your Lutron system needs to make it work.

An Expert Lutron Programmer

Whatever your vision, you’ll want the best Lutron programmer to make the system work just the way you want. Contact Citrom Home Automation today to find out how we can help you create a beautiful lighting, shade and automation experience for your home or a client’s home.

Citrom Home Automation and Lutron, we do home automation right.