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Lutron Sivoia QS Drapery Systems

You or your interior designer have a specific vision for how the interior of your home will look. This vision incorporates architecture, lighting, floor and wall coverings, art and window coverings. Lutron Sivoia QS Drapery systems are crafted to meet the most subtle and particular design requirements for drapery window coverings.

Lutron puts you in control of your draperies “in the moment” with either a handheld remote or wall-mounted control, or through letting your HomeWorks QS or RadioRA2 system set drapery positions according to your daily routine, heating and cooling preferences, or the position of the sun. However they are controlled, your drapes adjust quietly and gracefully, moving to the perfect position to match the need for light and visual appearance at that particular moment and specific situation.

Multiple Drapery Hanging Options

Lutron offers the following drapery styles:

  • Pinch Pleat
  • Ripplefold
  • Kirbé Vertical Drapery System

Lutron tracks are available in single and curved configurations and the drapes can be drawn in right, left, center and tandem styles. In each case, the Lutron motorized controls provide quiet, smooth transitions, providing the perfect visual component in combination with lighting and your decor.

Unlike shades and blinds, most draperies are controlled in a horizontal motion, moving them to the sides of the windows they cover. This presents an issue in what is called “stack back,” where the fabric stacks on itself as it is drawn open. Stack back can be as much as ⅓ the width of the drapery, usually making drapes a poor choice for narrow windows or confined spaces.

However, the Lutron Kirbé system eliminates this issue by drawing the draperies up rather than to the side. This innovative solution provides an unobstructed view through the window, and where there is enough ceiling space, can be drawn into the ceiling for completely unobstructed views through large glass walls.


Lutron Sivoia QS Helps Save Energy


The Lutron Sivoia Drapery system delivers all the beauty you or your interior designers create. At the same time, draperies can provide considerable energy savings when your home automation system is programmed to limit heat gain on hot days by blocking out the sun when it can bake the interior of your home. On cooler days and nights, draperies can also block heat loss by insulating your windows, keeping the warmth inside where you want it.

We can program your HomeWorks QS or RadioRA 2 system to conserve energy automatically, or you can respond to the current conditions with complete control. You never are more than a click of a button or tap on a screen away from issuing a command that meets your immediate needs.

Security And Privacy

Because drapes can come in multiple layers and can use heavy fabrics on the innermost layer, they can be especially good at creating the privacy you need.

Automating your Sivoia QS draperies allows you to create an “at home” look when you are away on a trip for either business or pleasure. And, should you want to close draperies for any reason remotely, you can do that with ease from a handheld Pico remote, or an internet connected smartphone, tablet or PC.

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